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December 04, 2011
MOI: Blast in minibus near British Embassy caused by unknown device
The minibus damaged by the explosion.
The minibus damaged by the explosion.


There was an explosion in a minibus parked next to the British Embassy in the Ras Ruman area of Manama after midnight on Sunday, according to a statement made by a spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior at a Press conference later in the day.

“The explosion was caused by an unknown device placed under the left front wheel of the minibus parked in a parking area on Al Hokoma Road, about 50 meters from the British Embassy,” the spokesperson said, adding that the explosion resulted in the wheel being blown off, causing damage to the vehicle and its windshield and left side glass windows being shattered.


“Police went to the scene and started the investigation as soon as the case was reported. The forensic lab team also arrived there and all authorities concerned were informed,” the spokesperson said.

He said: “We believe the material used was highly explosive because of the strength of the explosion. Fragments were found up to 32 meters away from the explosion site and the blast also created a hole with a diameter of around 30cm under the driver's side of the vehicle. Five other cars parked in the area were also damaged. Fortunately there were no injuries or casualties.”

The spokesperson said that the size of the device was difficult to determine at present but it was highly volatile. “The material used in the explosive device is being tested at the forensic laboratories of the Ministry of Interior,” the spokesperson added.

The Ministry of Interior immediately secured and reinforced the embassies in the Kingdom. It also called upon citizens and residents to immediately report any suspicious car parked near vital establishments.

“The public will be informed of the latest findings as details become available,” the spokesperson said.The Ministry will not spare any effort to uphold its national responsibility of providing safety for citizens and residents and maintaining security and stability and protecting public and private properties.”

The spokesperson concluded by stating that the commitment to the rule of law and maintenance of general order was the duty of all citizens and residents, so that calm could prevail and security and stability of the nation upheld.

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