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January 08, 2014
MOI response to Financial Times
MOI response to Financial Times
MOI response to Financial Times


The Interior Ministry asserted on Wednesday that it has not been informed by South Korea of any ban on the export of teargas to Bahrain.


Teargas is used by Bahrain’s police force only as a necessary and proportionate measure and in public order and riot control situations.It is used entirely in compliance with international law.Bahrain’s police force also acts and adheres fully to the internationally-accepted standards that are contained in its Code of Conduct, and legal and/or disciplinary action is taken whenever any police man or woman in Bahrain is found to have acted contrary to these high standards


As the Financial Times acknowledges by its mention of Molotov cocktails and homemade bombs used against the police, the public order and riot control situations that necessitate the use of teargas must be distinguished from gatherings and demonstrations.Peaceful gatherings and demonstrations are permitted as a protected right under the constitution of Bahrain, and take place on a regular basis with the support of the police.

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