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July 04, 2014
Statement of the Chief of Public Security
Statement of the Chief of Public Security
Statement of the Chief of Public Security


The Chief of Public Security Major-General Tariq Al Hassan renewed on Friday the Interior Ministry's stance warning citizens about participating in, calling for or inciting others to fight in conflicts zones in foreign countries.  The Chief also warned against joining extremist religious groups or any group that is classified as a terrorist organization.   The Ministry also calls for people not to provide any financial or moral support to any individual or group that jeopardizes the security of Bahrain.

The Chief stated that a committee formed by His Excellency Interior Minister in connection to situations in Syria and Iraq has been assigned to take legal steps against anyone who participates or incites in activities relating in any way to fighting abroad.  

The Ministry has already summoned a number of individuals who have returned from conflict zones and this process is ongoing.

The Chief said that a travel ban will be issued against anyone who is found to be involved in the aforementioned acts on any level.  Some individuals have already been summoned to appear with their parents who were warned to monitor their children.

The Chief said that the Ministry has taken a series of steps to prevent Bahrainis from travelling to fight abroad including:

First: implementation of legal and supervisory procedures in cooperation with the Central Bank of Bahrain, Customs Affairs and the General Directorate of Anti-corruption, Economic and Electronic

Security. Statements were registered for some suspects to identify the destination of the remittances.  In case the remittances were proven to be for charitable aid, they are informed of the legal procedures for such support.

Second: To check travelers who are traveling to countries where conflict zones are located.

Third: To take all legal procedures against any resident who is involved in supporting or inciting participating in violence abroad by not renewing his resident permit and deporting the individual immediately.

The Chief also warned of legal procedures against those who ignore the grace period previously announced by the Interior Ministry.

Finally, he said that the Interior Ministry calls upon the public and on all parents to care for and supervise their children. May God protect Bahrain 

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