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September 30, 2011
Ministry urges families to keep women out of illegal activities
Ministry urges families to keep women out of illegal activities
Ministry urges families to keep women out of illegal activities


The Ministry of Interior is part of the Bahraini society and its staff shares the same traditional values and national identity, while the way the Ministry deals with women does not go beyond the framework that represents legal principles.

The Ministry is always keen to ensure detention houses are free of women since it views a Bahraini woman as a person who inspires and commands respect and appreciation and has a great responsibility in bringing up their children and raising future generations. Hence it is a priority for her to give importance to such responsibility away from any activities which could result in the violation of laws and thus invite legal action.

In response to the claims made at various gatherings and places of worship about the “humiliation of women”, the Ministry of Interior has clarified that those who encouraged women to participate in illegal activities were themselves responsible for the issue. Out of concern for the safety of all, the Ministry calls upon all Bahraini families, known for their traditional values, to realise the dangers of placing women in such situations and advise women to thus avoid them.

It also calls upon the citizens to consider the issue in light of well-known values in Bahraini society and encourage women to avoid the current trend of politicising issues and indulging in tendentious propaganda.

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